serena jeanne giancola

Quality. Creativity. Balance. Collaboration. Integrity.
Just like a company has its core values, these are mine.

No matter what project, job or assignment I am working on, these meaningful buzzwords are injected into everything I do. Working on multi-faceted projects is what I love and do best. To me, there’s no better feeling then collaborating with a team and seeing something develop from start to finish.

I’m also a big believer in the power of setting and achieving goals. I believe that humans can do anything if we think intentionally and set meaningful, thought-out objectives. All goals should stem from your inner passion and desire.

My specialties include: strategic organization, managing small to large-scale projects, communicating effectively and efficiently, leading through innovation and designing using a wide array of tools, mediums and programs.

I spend my free time getting sweaty at local gyms/studios, exploring art and cultural events and hunting down the best gluten-free bakeries in Toronto.

- Serena



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